Meaning and Purpose

If you’re like me, I’m sure you’re pretty much fed up with words like meaning and purpose, life meaning, leaving something behind you. I think this is because all these are merely words and they don’t refer to you, to your struggles or your achievements. It’s you who should make something out of them and make these word gain meaning to you.

We all have our own battles and we crave for being meaningful to this world, but how do you do that? I was listening to a course on the philosophy of life, and the course tutor was giving students some insights on how to achieve a meaningful life; one of the ideas was that in order to gain this, you should feel fulfilled, you should give something that you bare inside to the world, share your wisdom, your knowledge and your experience with those around you. Create something and share it with the world. At this moment, you will definitely feel meaningful and fulfilled.

This is an idea that stuck with me and cast a whole new perspective on how to look at life. The thing is that by getting things you won’t achieve this fulfillment you’re craving for, all you acquire are barely distractions to keep your mind busy and make you feel as you’re living the dream. But, in fact, is not at all like this. Getting only puts you further from achieving meaning and sense to your existence. Just by giving, by creating something that will acquire meaning to others you’ll feel useful and fulfilled.

But… where is that leaving us now? How do we give something to the world? I don’t know why, maybe because of our egocentricity and our selfishness, we end up not knowing how to give back. And this is I think, a huge problem of our society that has not taught us what we have that’s worth giving and how to put our best efforts into it. I know I might be speaking gibberish as there are people amongst us who do that naturally, who struggle to make the world a better place or a more liveable one, should they be doctors, teachers, preachers, nurses, painters, actors and so on. So, I’ve decided to take a step, not back, but aside for the moment and discover what I’m good at, what the world might benefit on me. I would like to discover that and to make the most of it but learning how to give something to the world.

Maybe a thick subject for a lovely spring morning, but a necessary one. Have a happy week!



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