Out of Time

I had the most unique experience yesterday. We went to Mercantic, as we have heard of it as being one of the largest vintage bookstores in the area. And off we went… It was absolutely impressive, eclectic, with lots of different spaces where you could find almost anything you’re looking for, or not. Outside, there was something like a garden sale, where sellers were exhibiting their merchandises wrapped in a vintage flavor in their multicolored small houses that seem to be something like the “Necessity Chamber” (Harry Potter fans know what I’m talking about). From refurbished vintage-like furniture, willow-braided baskets, wood forks, and spoons, to hand-made rugs, tea accessories, fashionable cups and all kind of tiny, adorable, no-purpose-whatsoever-but-to-make-you-want-to-have-them decorations. If you got tired of admiring all these, you could easily have a drink and something to eat in a laid-back atmosphere outside in one of the terraces next to the smoke-and-flavor-producing food trucks.

Once inside, you could find the same vintage and fancy atmosphere. Different bands were acting in the pubs inside where other dozens of stores were displaying their products and let you search around at ease. The most awaited moment finally came: we got to the bookstore. With an enormous collection of books from all domains (I saw literature, Sci-Fi, psychology, sport, cookbooks, leisure, travel,  geography, science, linguistics… and I bet there were even more), well classified, you could easily succumb in a different universe of a treasure hunter looking for the most hidden treasure. This is exactly how I felt. No battles with terrifying monsters, no searching for the magic key, no tricks or spells. I had already won. I was there, in the place where all the gems were hidden. I lost track of time, and I stayed there skimming through books, reading their back cover, searching on the Internet for further references until I made up me mind and chose some.

Highly recommended spot for anyone who loves vintage stuff and books; I am sure there are many other places as Mercantic in different countries, so search them up and go there for a different Sunday and a different mood.


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