I like Placebo. I’ve been listening to their music since I was a teenager starting to discover the “real stuff”, which back in those days meant Nirvana, Franz Ferdinand, The White Stripes, Red Hot Chilli Peppers… and I’ll stop here since I don’t want this to be an exhaustive list of “old times best”. Anyways, I like Placebo, their “spleen” music, their sorrow, their rage, and despair. It’s a music that soothes and unwinds me.

This year they’re celebrating their birthday, as they put it: 20 years on the music scene and they are on tour in major cities all over the world. They started in March and will be touring until the end of August. This week they were performing in the “sunny” Barcelona (because it’s not sunny at all these days, on their concert night it was raining) at Razzmatazz, a mythical concert room/club, as I’ve been told.

We went there on a Wednesday night to listen to the boys singing their most emblematic songs. I had a blast, they sounded so well live, the lights, the sound, the public and the atmosphere, everything was so right and so “as it was supposed to be”. Thank you guys for your music and for one of the best Wednesday nights of my whole life!


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