Different angles

It’s been a while …. but it’s still worth telling it. I went some time ago to a photo exhibition called “Scan Tarragona” where I could admired the innovative work of emergent artists coming from different parts of the world.

The exhibition has an area with three wooden tables on which visitors can find auto-edited photo-books designed by different photographers; visitors can browse them freely and get acquainted with the particular style of each of them.

Apart from this, 10 photographers have been chosen to exhibit their works in what is called Talent Latent section of the exhibition. You can find the list of the 10 finalists here.

I  enjoyed the exhibition and I admire the work of all the artists but I was particularly impressed by the works of Jiaxi Yang who manages to create beauty and to catch the viewer’s eye creating authentic art works made out of ordinary objects. Her works reminded me of the surrealist paintings and can be considered still life paintings where the nature has changed and has evolved into a more mechanical, life-less composition. The objects are placed in new settings and acquire new meanings in a game of lights and shadows where the common becomes uncommon.

A different point of view and a new light cast on common-use objects seen as never before. You can also take a look here at the personal webpage of the artist.


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