Happy New Year… in September

Never thought at it this way, but I have recently read a short essay that opened my eyes. I bet you all know that feeling of reading something that seems so obvious it makes you wonder why it hasn’t been said before?  Something you have always thought and never expressed?

This happened to me when I read “Happy new year” from the collection of articles written by Manuel Baixauli and included in Nobody ever waits for us (Ningú mai ens espera – the original title). In this short text, the author pleads in favor of the idea that the new year really starts in September. After months of hot weather, laid-back holidays and a laziness similar to that of an insect paralyzed by the heat, in September all comes back to life. School starts again, all the things we postponed during summer come back haunting us, all the “new year resolutions” like quit smoking, exercise more,busy schedules. Life in its real form, unlike the mirage of the few months of summer. Everything “seems brand new. Everything smells like bleach, somebody has wiped the floor clean. And we all have a fresh spirit, a feeling that we can conquer the world, or at least, we open all our senses and feel the world as for the first time.” [own translation], says the author.

After finishing the text, I felt relieved, the way you feel like when you finally have discovered that you are not the odd one. There is someone else who feels exactly the same as you. That said, a “Happy New Year” to all of us in September!




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