The week of books in Catalan

A fine afternoon in Barcelona with hot, but nice weather, and book stands in front of the magnificent Barcelona cathedral celebrating the “Week of books published in Catalan”. Three specially designed places for book presentations, different book stands with the latest books from main publishing houses in the country and lots of people asking questions, holding books and reading a few lines before deciding what to buy.

Couldn’t go by without a book or two. My first acquisition is a poetry book, written by Gemma Gorga- “Mur” (Wall), a Catalan poetry writer who has won this year’s Critics’ Choice Award for poetry. Focused on the feminine figures and on their sacrifices done in the last century, “Mur” lets us approach the poetic universe, with a unique style, language and emotion created by its author. In a future blog entry, I will talk about the poems in this volume.

The second book I’ve bought is “Ningú no ens espera” (No one waits for us) by Manuel Baixauli, writer, painter from Valencia. The book is a collection of articles published in a national newspaper throughout which the author depicts the society we live in, with its flaws and its mixture of beauty, serendipity and ugliness and takes a clear stand against triviality. Look forward to reading it, I took a few sips of its full cup yesterday while we were driving back home.

All in all, love the mixture between the cosmopolitanism of the city, the frenzy of people bumping into each other, the scent of books and the gusts of wind.


2 thoughts on “The week of books in Catalan

  1. Some two years ago I read ‘L’home manuscrit’ by Manuel Baixauli, and I was very impressed. So I am very curious to know what you think about this book. I guess it is non-fiction, seeing that it concerns a collection of articles.


    1. Hi Marga,

      I was impressed by “Ningú no ens espera”. I was the first Baixauli for me, but it certainly won’t be my last! The book is a great mixture of simple things just said, with courage, by their name, and deep reflections about literature, art, creation, the daily struggles of the artist, life nowadays. Baixauli has great technique, uses a plain, straight forward style and doesn’t mind criticizing when he feels like, depicting attitudes that impregnate many aspects of life in our society. There’s a chapter in the book where he says that great books are easily recognized as you can open them at any page and you’ll enjoy what they say. I got this feeling when I read the book and I strongly recommend it to you, I think you’ll like it.


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