Girl on the train

I’ve come across this book recently, although I’ve known about its existence for a while now. Until now, I’ve refused to read it because of the whole media/publishing fuss was created around it. But, a few weeks ago, someone gave me some insights about its plot and made me want to read.

Apart from being a thriller covered in mystery and suspense, the novel goes a bit further that what best-sellers nowadays use to be. With a coherent story line and a pretty good technique of jumbling with different narrators and jumping along the time line, the novel manages to reconstruct the lives of three women whose destinies have crossed in ways they aren’t even aware of, and all that while solving a murder case. The story is told by three women – two of them, wife and ex-wife of the same man, and the third, his mistress – whose narrative voices go parallel until they converge in a unique story-teller that presents the same facts, but with different view points. At the beginning of the novel, the reader is puzzled and a bit lost, he does not know who he can trust as the main narrative voice is everything but reliable. As the story unfolds, the reader learns to pick up the pieces and make his own story until the truth finally comes to light. All the characters in the story are people are mischievous, unreliable, full of shadows and tempted to fall even deeper in this dark pit. Redemption does not come for none of them. In the end, even if this “hitchcock-nian” murder case has been solved, no one is happier or better, all characters has been seen at their lowest moments and their true human essence has been put on the main stage.

Written in a rather “up-to-the-point” kind of way, with no noticeable style or elegance, the story attracts as it has the perfect recipe for that: a fog of uncertainty and mystery, inducted curiosity, people with messed-up lives that do not manage to put them back on track again, and a feeling that no one is perfect, even the ones who seem good do bad things and their lives is far from happy.


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